Gallipoli Walking Tour – September 2019

Peter Hart will guide a tour of the Gallipoli battlefield between Monday 2nd September and Monday 9th September 2019. The Helles, ANZAC and Suvla sectors are all covered in detail. Nor do we neglect the French and the Turks! Please ask for our itinersry. This is a walking tour with walks of up to 3 miles across rough terrain in a hot climate, but we can usually offer less strenuous alternatives. This is your chance to savour all that this amazing battlefield has to offer. With our excellent guide to visitor ratio we can ensure that you always get personal attention.

Cost: Single room per person will be £1,050.

A deposit of £400 is required at the time of booking to secure a place.

Air fares NOT included.


For more details email:


Gun at Abide – Turkish memorial


The Sphinx


The objective = Control over the Straits


Helles Memorial


2 Responses to Gallipoli Walking Tour – September 2019

  1. Mark sharratt says:

    Hi Roger,
    I have just been reading peters book on gallipoli and by chance came across this tour I realise I’m a bit late but do you have any places left and what sort of level of fitness is required please .
    Kind regards,

    • phbt1915 says:


      I spotted this in addition to your email. I hope you manage to negotiate the time off and look forward to meeting up with you in September.

      Roger Chapman

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