Gallipoli – a magical place to visit

The nights are beginning to draw in; rain is probably in the air – again – and thoughts of a cold, wet winter begin to form.

What you really could do with is 29-30 degree centigrade temperatures; blue skies, beautiful scenery and astonishingly good history dished out in bucketful’s on the Gallipoli battlefield by internationally renowned oral historian Peter Hart.

Gallipoli in 1915 was a lunacy that never could have succeeded.

Gallipoli in 2018 is a magical place that can’t be surpassed.

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2 Responses to Gallipoli – a magical place to visit

  1. Paul McNicholls says:

    I had a great time on the tour in 2015. I learned lots and made some good new friends. I would certainly think about going again.

  2. Richard Preston says:

    A great trip went 2012. But still, there are so many memories.

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